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Important Information Regarding Community Pool
Posted on Jun 26th, 2019

Great News! Our lifeguards will reopen the pool today at 11 a.m., one day ahead of schedule!
Many thanks to all who helped us drain, clean the glass out, and refill the pool as quickly as possible, including Lifeguards 4 Hire, our pool management company; West Travis PUA, our water company; and Lake Travis Fire and Rescue, who kindly loaned us some fire hoses to fill the pool up in record time. Many thanks to our HOA board colleagues who spent a lot of volunteer time dealing with this issue, and to SpectrumAM. We hope their help and the cooperating weather temperatures have prevented our new plaster from failing. Anyone who brings glass into the pool area will lose pool privileges for the rest of the pool season.
Anyone who does not access the pool with a Lake Pointe key card will be prosecuted for criminal trespassing. If you need a new key card, contact Spectrum Management at This latest incident cost our HOA members about $4,000.
Let's all be good neighbors and watch out for our community, as we always have.
Please report any after- hours activities to the Travis County Sheriff.
Enjoy the pool! Regards, Lake Pointe HOA Board