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This site is for the benefit of the homeowners and residents in the Lake Pointe neighborhood located in the hills outside of Austin.

HOA Board

The current Lake Pointe HOA board members are listed below. 
Patricia Sinnott, President, 2024
Timothy Pickering, Vice President, 2024
Devin Williams, Secretary, 2025
Scott Dawson, Treasurer, 2025
Drew Pate, Director, 2025
Toni Hanson, Director, 2024
Michael Husband, Director, 2024


***Posted on WTCPUA, March 28, 2024***
Once per Week Watering Restrictions Effective May 1st

Effective May 1, 2024, the WTCPUA will be implementing once per week watering restrictions following the LCRA's new requirement.  Watering days and times will be posted soon.
***Posted on WTCPUA, February 26, 2024 ***
LCRA limits outdoor watering to once a week until the drought eases,  WTCPUA Customers Must Comply With Restriction

The Lower Colorado River Authority Board of Directors on Wednesday, February 21st, approved a new requirement that limits outdoor watering to no more than once a week in many Central Texas communities until the ongoing severe drought eases.
The new watering restriction applies to cities, businesses, industries and others that purchase water from LCRA. Cities and utilities are required to enact the once-a-week restriction for their end use customers by May 1. This includes Austin, Briarcliff, Burnet, Cedar Park, Cottonwood Shores, Dripping Springs, Granite Shoals, Horseshoe Bay, Lago Vista, Leander, Marble Falls, Pflugerville, Sunrise Beach Village, the West Travis County Public Utility Agency and multiple Travis County municipal utility districts and water control and improvement districts. Several LCRA water customers, including the City of Austin, already have maximum once-a-week watering restrictions in place.
The restriction also applies immediately to lakeside property owners who have contracts with LCRA to draw water directly from the Highland Lakes.
“This action is a reflection of the serious drought we’re in,” said John Hofmann, LCRA executive vice president of Water. “We don’t know when this drought will end, and we need to cut discretionary water use to help protect and extend our water supplies.”
Hofmann said residents and businesses should keep the maximum once-a-week watering schedule in mind when planning landscaping this spring and encouraged people to plant drought-tolerant vegetation that can withstand Texas summers with minimal watering.
“Our reservoirs are stressed, and we need to do everything we can to preserve our supplies through this drought,” he said. “We can’t make it rain, we can’t increase the amount of water flowing into the lakes and we can’t stop evaporation, which takes more water from the Highland Lakes every year than any single customer. What we can do is limit how much water we use, and that is what we’re doing here.”
The LCRA Board unanimously adopted the new restriction at its monthly meeting in Austin. The measure will be triggered anytime combined storage in lakes Buchanan and Travis, the two water supply reservoirs in the Highland Lakes, is below 900,000 acre-feet, or 45% of capacity.
Combined storage on Wednesday stood at just under 847,000 acre-feet, or about 42% of capacity.
LCRA studies show that moving from twice-a-week to once-a-week watering can reduce annual water use by about 7%-12%. Savings are highest in the summer when people typically use more water outdoors.
The maximum once-a-week watering schedule will remain in effect until the combined storage of lakes Buchanan and Travis increases to at least 1.1 million acre-feet, or about 55% of capacity.
Firm water customers that do not adopt the new schedule could face penalties of up to $10,000 a day from LCRA.
For more on the drought and new watering restriction, visit www.lcra.org/drought.

Community Center & Events

The residents of Lake Pointe gathered on a beautiful Saturday morning for some Easter fun! It was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the upcoming holiday, spend time with family and catch up with friends.

The guest of honor was none other than the Easter Bunny himself! With floppy ears, a cute button nose and a fluffy tail, kids were able to take pictures with him in front of a festive spring backdrop. For the main event, the much-anticipated Easter Egg Hunt, over 50 kiddos searched for eggs according to their age group and traded them in for goodie bags full of treats. There were also two balloon artists creating magical balloon designs for children to take home.

Both kids and adults had a great time taking part in the egg toss and spoon relay race, with Charlotte taking home top billing. The fun culminated in the Bunny Hop Dance Party where residents showed off their dance moves. Thank you to everyone who came out to make this event a hopping good time! Link to Photos

We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday, May 3rd for the Concert in the Park, until then….
Do Good. Be Happy. And say Hello to your Nabr. 

Lake Pointe MUD

Important Reminder: Nature Preserve Rules for Lake Pointe MUD Residents
As stewards of our community and the beautiful nature preserve it encompasses, it's crucial that we adhere to the rules and regulations set forth to protect this valuable ecosystem. With spring approaching and outdoor activities becoming more enticing, we want to take a moment to remind everyone of the guidelines governing the use of the preserve.
Outlined below are the rules and regulations that must be followed while enjoying the preserve:

1. **Unauthorized Activities:** Please refrain from engaging in any activities within the preserve that are not classified as passive recreational use. Examples of passive activities include hiking, bird watching, and generally enjoying nature. Examples of non-passive activities are listed below but generally include any activity that could induce stress, affect critical habitat, or have other adverse impacts on the habitat of the Preserve.

2. **Improvements:** Unauthorized placement of any improvements within the preserve boundaries is strictly prohibited. This includes ensuring that your LPHOA approved habitat fence is not protruding into the preserve.

3. **Fires and Fireworks:** The lighting of any fires or possession or discharge of fireworks within or into the preserve is not allowed.

4. **Motor Vehicles:** Operating unauthorized motor vehicles within the preserve is prohibited.This includes, but is not limited to, e-bikes, golf carts (whether electric or motorized), motorcycles and ATV’s.

5. **Bicycles:** Bicycles should be operated in a non-destructive manner and should not cause harm to the environment or wildlife. Bicycles must stay on the established and authorized trails and racing and/or down-hilling is prohibited.

6. **Endangered Species:** Any actions that may harm or disturb wildlife including endangered species, such as the Golden-Cheeked Warbler, are strictly prohibited.

7. **Vegetation:** Unauthorized clearing or altering of vegetation within the preserve, including cutting, trimming, or removing, is not permitted. This restriction bans the clearing of vegetation beyond your property for aesthetic reasons.

8. **Sound Devices:** Avoid using sound devices that broadcast sound into the environment, including radios, stereos, and boom boxes.

9. **Littering:** Properly dispose of litter, garbage, trash, or refuse outside of the preserve boundaries. This includes dog waste.

10. **Domestic Animals:** Keep domestic animals, including unleashed-dogs, cats, and horses, out of the preserve unless otherwise designated.

11. **Weapons:** Possession of unauthorized weapons, such as firearms and traps, within the preserve is strictly prohibited.

It's important to note that failure to comply with these rules not only poses risks to the preserve's ecosystem but may also result in serious consequences for our community. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department holds the authority to revoke access to the preserve for all residents if Lake Pointe MUD is unable to effectively enforce these regulations. This blanket revocation would impact everyone and would significantly limit our ability to enjoy this natural resource.
These rules are in place to ensure the safety of all residents, protect the natural habitat, and preserve the delicate balance of our ecosystem. By respecting these regulations, we can all continue to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the preserve for generations to come.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining the integrity of our community's natural spaces.

Lazers & Swim School

Lake Pointe Lazers
2024 Important Dates

Friday, March 29th - Registration Closes @ Midnight.

Thursday, April 4th - Optional Swimsuit Try-On @ the Lake Pointe Clubhouse

Sunday, April 14th - Mandatory NEW Parent Meeting @ the Lake Pointe Clubhouse 4-4:30pm; Mandatory CREW meeting 4:30-5; Sponsorships Close

Management Company

The Lake Pointe on Lake Austin community is managed by RealManage.  Please see below for some important information.
Mail HOA Fees to:
Lake Austin Lake Pointe
c/o RealManage
2633 McKinney Ave #130-502
Dallas, TX 75204-2581
Resident Portal:
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Phone #: 866-473-2573