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This site is for the benefit of the homeowners and residents in the Lake Pointe neighborhood located in the hills outside of Austin.

HOA Board

The current Lake Pointe HOA board members are listed below. 
Patricia Sinnott, President, 2024
Timothy Pickering, Vice President, 2024
Devin Williams, Secretary, 2025
Scott Dawson, Treasurer, 2025
Drew Pate, Director, 2025
Toni Hanson, Director, 2024
Michael Husband, Director, 2024


Lake Pointe HOA Meeting
Monday, December 18, 2023


Stage 2 Mandatory Watering Restrictions Effective 10/15/23
Posted on Oct 15th, 2023
Please be advised that beginning October 15th, WTCPUA will move to Stage 2 watering restrictions. What this means for our customers:
Outdoor watering hours will be limited to between midnight and 6:00 a.m. on designated days (twice per week).
Addresses ending in 0,1,2,3:
Monday and Thursday

Addresses ending in 4,5,6:  
Tuesday and Friday

Addresses ending in 7,8,9:  
Wednesday and Saturday

Commercial customers (including HOAs):  
Tuesday and Friday
No watering allowed on Sundays.
New landscapes may only be installed if they do not require a variance to the mandatory watering schedule.  
Filling of all new and existing pools, hot tubs, wading pools is prohibited, unless application for variance is approved on a case by case basis.  Replenishing to maintenance level is permitted.
With the Fall weather approaching, please also keep in mind:
Use water-efficient and drought-tolerant plants.
Add mulch to landscapes and compost to turf to help prevent water loss.
Cover swimming pools when not in use.
Reduce water waste inside the house by turning off water when it’s not needed.
Thank you for your cooperation to keep our water flowing!

Community Center & Pool

Management Company

The Lake Pointe on Lake Austin community is managed by RealManage.  Please see below for some important information.
Mail HOA Fees to:
Lake Austin Lake Pointe
c/o RealManage
2633 McKinney Ave #130-502
Dallas, TX 75204-2581
Resident Portal:
Questions and Support:
Phone #: 866-473-2573

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