Welcome to the Lake Austin Lake Pointe Homeowners Association Home Page!
This site is for the benefit of the homeowners and residents in the Lake Pointe neighborhood located in the hills outside of Austin.


The current Lake Pointe HOA board members are listed below. 
Timothy Pickering, President
Michael Husband, Vice President
John Harrod, Secretary
Michael Burshnick, Treasurer
Pace Tripp, Director
Devin Williams, Director
Patricia Sinnott, Director

Lake Pointe Lazers

Management Company

The Lake Pointe on Lake Austin community is managed by RealManage.  Please see below for some important information.
Mail HOA Fees to:
Lake Austin Lake Pointe
c/o RealManage
2633 McKinney Ave #130-502
Dallas, TX 75204-2581
Resident Portal:
Questions and Support:
Phone #: 866-473-2573

Winter Storm

Winter Storm Cleanup
Last week, we communicated that there would be several centralized brush and tree debris collection areas. We expect to use contractors to remove the debris.
These collection areas are all now 100% full. Please do not dump additional debris until further notice.
Additionally, please inform any contractors you engage that no additional debris may be deposited anywhere in Lake Pointe.
The Lake Pointe Municipal Utility District (LPMUD) and Lake Pointe HOA (LPHOA) hope that all residents and families are safe and warm after this Winter storm. We are also anticipating the power being restored to all of Lake Pointe in the very near future. The storm has left considerable brush and debris scattered both on public lands and on private property. Private Property and NON-collector streets throughout Lake Pointe
LPMUD and LPHOA have devised two solutions with a default third (private) option always available to Lake Pointe residents. Please read through the options listed at the link below, and choose which is best for you.
Those solutions can be found at the following links:
NOTE: Please do not pile up debris in the roadway or street unfortunately, there is no one coming along to fetch it, as rumored. Further, most roads in Lake Pointe are maintained by Travis County and there has been no sign of help from them, so staging in the streets is not an option.
LPMUD, LPHOA, and collector streets in Lake Pointe: (Resaca Blvd, Napa Dr, Bayton Dr, and Sonoma Dr)
Residents of Lake Pointe have likely seen landscaping crews out already in the aftermath, clearing branches and debris from the collector streets and both the LPMUD and LPHOA properties, and chipping the refuse. For your awareness, this public cleanup will be done in three phases. Making everything safe (removing brush from roadway, cutting down imminently falling limbs, etc).
Fixing and prettying the trees, including sealing what is required and best practice
Dealing with any damage (public or private) caused by LPMUD owned trees (including in the preserve, etc.)
For questions, please contact
LPMUD Facilities Subcommittee at: facilities@lakepointemud.org


Community Pool Closed for Winter Repairs
Posted on Jan 20th, 2023


Lake Pointe HOA Meeting
Monday, February 20, 2023
Lake Pointe HOA Meeting
Monday, March 20, 2023
Lake Pointe HOA Meeting
Monday, April 17, 2023
Lake Pointe HOA Meeting
Monday, May 15, 2023

Pool News

HOA Board Meeting Agenda

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