Lake Pointe Club House Rental Guidelines

Lake Pointe Homeowners Association Board Of Directors Guidelines for Community Center Rental Requests Effective May 20, 2024, The Lake Pointe Homeowners Association Board of Directors has approved the following guidelines for use of the Lake Pointe Community Center. These changes took effect on May 20, 2024:
Lake Pointe Resident Individual Renters (or non-profits):
1. RENTER agrees to pay HOA a rate of $100.00 for the first two (2) hours and $25.00 per hour thereafter. The
payment of the rental fee must be made to Lake Pointe on Lake Austin HOA.
2. RENTER agrees to pay HOA a separate, refundable security deposit in the amount of $300 payable to Lake
Pointe on Lake Austin HOA.
3. RENTER agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the HOA of any liability that may arise as a result of using any
of the Lake Pointe at Lake Austin amenities and facilities.
4. RENTER agrees to pay for any and all expenses incurred as a result of the rental of the facility including any
expenses or damages in excess of the paid security deposit.
5. RENTER agrees that requests for waiving rental fees can be considered by the HOA on a first-come and case-by- case basis at a regularly scheduled monthly board meeting before the event. The request must be provided in writing and sent to the HOA at least 48 hours before the monthly board meeting to be added to the agenda. The HOA Board will consider factors such as residency in Lake Pointe, the profit status of an organization, benefit to the Lake Pointe at Lake Austin community, and whether the RENTER is in good standing with the HOA. (Note: Non-profit rental fee waivers approved by the Board are limited to 1x per month for two hours.)

Lake Pointe and Outside Business Renters (for profit):
In addition to the above conditions:
1. RENTER must provide a request in writing to the HOA detailing the service the business proposes to offer the
Lake Pointe community. Event must include a minimum of 60% Lake Pointe residents. HOA Board must approve
the request.
2. RENTER agrees to pay HOA 15% of all proceeds paid to RENTER by its customers in connection to the rental of
the facility unless otherwise agreed between both parties ahead of time.
3. RENTER agrees to have guests who are not Lake Pointe residents sign a general waiver of liability limiting the
liability of HOA and its board of directors.
4. RENTER agrees to provide the HOA with a certificate of insurance naming HOA as a co-insured party. Additionally, the insurance policy must meet the following minimum levels over coverage: (a) General Liability
with $1,000,000 of coverage per occurrence and $2,000,000 of coverage in the aggregate, (b) Professional
Liability with $1,000,000 per occurrence, and $2,000,000 in the aggregate, and (c) Worker's Compensation as
required by law.