Pool Info

  • Swimmers must have a pool key fob with them to enter the pool area.  The pool is for the use of Lake Austin Lake Pointe Homeowners Association members and their guest(s)/appointed guardian(s) only.
  • Guests limited to four per household per day.

  • Children who have not reached their 16th birthday must be attended at all times by a parent or approved babysitter.  Children between the ages of 12 and 15 may use the Pool unaccompanied by an adult during guarded hours if the child has completed and passed a swim test administered by the lifeguard staff.  If an underaged child must be warned and corrected three times, the child may lose pool privileges for the remainder of the swim season.
  • Parents must provide written authorization naming a specifically approved babysitter to attend their children 15 years of age and under while at the Pool.  Approved babysitter must be 18 years of age or older.

  1. All infants must wear swim diapers.  No regular disposable or other diapers will be allowed in the pool or baby pool at any time. 
  2. Any conduct deemed by a lifeguard to be dangerous or unwarranted is grounds for a word of caution, a reprimand, or suspension from the Pool premises. 
  3. Running, jumping, skipping, or any movement other than regular walking inside the Pool area is strictly prohibited. 
  4. No pets, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblading, scooters, or motorized cycles are allowed within the Pool area.
  5. Floating devices may be allowed in the Pool during adult swim at the lifeguards’ discretion.  Water wings and small floats for non-swimming children are permitted
  6. No smoking or tobacco products.
  7. Toys and balls of any type may only be allowed in the Pool at the lifeguards’ discretion.
  8. No person may take, throw, admit, or allow any foreign substances into the Pool or the area around the Pool. 
  9. Drinks and food items must be consumed in designated areas only and away from the pool.
  10. No cutoffs or street clothes are allowed in the Pool.
  11. Only lifeguards are permitted on the lifeguard stand. 
  12. No person may talk to, shout at, or in any manner distract a lifeguard on the lifeguard stand, except in the case of an emergency. 
  13. No snorkels or face masks are permitted in the Pool during open swim.  Plastic swim goggles are acceptable. 
  14. No “somersaults,” “back dives,” cannonballs,” “preacher seats,” “can openers,” or similar type entries from the edge of the Pool are permitted.
  15. No diving.
  16. No glass articles.
  17. No alcohol or drugs.
  18. Radios shall be operated only with headphones.
  19. The Lifeguards shall have the authority to enforce all policies and procedures.
  20. Failure to comply with the Pool Rules, instructions of the Head Guard or lifeguard may result in suspension from the Pool premises.
  • A pool card key will be issued to each household after an Acknowledgment & Waiver form is signed.  If your card key is lost or stolen, you will be provided with a second replacement card key AT A COST OF $30.00 TO YOU and your old card will be deactivated. To obtain card keys, please sign (execute) the current Acknowledgment & Waiver form and send it to Spectrum Management.  Upon receipt of the signed card-key waiver, and pending assessment evaluation that the residence is in good standing, the card will then be activated.  By signing the Acknowledgment and Waiver Form, members agree not to distribute card keys to anyone outside their immediate family.

  • All swimmers will clear the pool and remain away from the water for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes after lightning or thunder has ceased.  Swimmers do not have to leave the pool area; however, they must remain a safe distance from the pool.
  • Any individual(s) using the pool after hours (see pool rules), will lose all pool privileges for the season.
  • Any individual(s) committing acts of vandalism to the pool, pool house, equipment and/or surrounding area will lose all pool privileges for a period of time to be determined by the Association Board, and be held responsible for cleaning and/or repair of damaged items.
Vandalism and trespassing will be prosecuted.